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Top Tip #1

for choosing the right experience for you.

Should price be the deciding factor to choosing a Photo Booth experience?

Cost of a Photo Booth
How to choose the right Wedding Photo Booth

Whilst price will of course be a factor when booking anything for your wedding or event, choosing on price alone could leave you more out of pocket or feeling cheated. Think about any recent purchase you have made, whether it was something new to wear, somewhere to go to eat or perhaps you had decided to treat yourself to a new car.  You may have had a budget, but other deciding factors could have included: –

  • did it make everyone go “WOW!”
  • did it fit it with the venue and other themes / decorations?
  • how good was the company rating on Google My Business / Trip Advisor?
  • what you got for your money i.e., how many courses were included or did the car have air conditioning for our 4 days of Summer?
  • what was the communication like from the company?

the list goes on and on.


So how does this help you with choosing a Photo Booth style experience such as a Photobooth, Selfie / Magic Mirror, Pod or Roamer?

What kind of things should you be considering?  After all, if you’ve not booked a Photo Booth style experience before you probably won’t know what the differences are.

Let’s look at our Top 10 of things to consider before you choose who will be responsible for helping your guests create these hilarious memories that will have a direct impact on how they remember your wedding, birthday etc.

1 – Photo Quality

Your guests are having a great time all night!  They’ve really got into the spirit of things, getting creative with all the props, and releasing their inner child and simply having great fun; everything you’d hoped for.  After the event you receive the digital photos and your heart sinks.  Low quality, grainy photos, perhaps out of focus or too dark or too bright – either way nothing that you’ll ever want to share or look back on in years to come.

Believe it or not, some photo booth companies simply don’t care.  They put out the cheapest solution they can just to earn some extra money at your expense.  You’ll often see people running these events that don’t know how to use the equipment, they have no clue about how a camera works, nor to be fair, are the interested.  They’re only here for the money.


But don’t worry, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure that you don’t fall foul to these cheapskates.


  • If you can’t see lots of SAMPLES on their social media feeds, ask to see some examples of recent work. Any reputable company should be more than happy to share examples of their workmanship.


  • Check out the TESTIMONIALS on their Google my Business (GMB) page. Testimonials seen on websites and social media can so very easily be fake.   However, Testimonials on GMB must be left by a person – much more difficult to fake.


  • Read the description carefully. A DSLR camera, when set up properly will take much better photos than a webcam-based experience.  Don’t get us wrong, someone who doesn’t know how to use a DSLR can still take shocking photos!   Which takes us back to asking to see samples and looking for testimonials.  


Modern iPads and Webcams are soooo much better than they used to.  However, you won’t find any top of the range photo booth experiences using a webcam… that on its own should tell you something. 

That said, there is a place for webcam-based services.  If you are after a cheaper service that is simply dropped off and collected later, then a webcam-based system can be a great alternative to the more expensive DSLR set ups.  You often get longer time with the booth and whilst you don’t generally get any decent props you might be able to buy some props that you can keep afterwards.  With these experiences it’s even more important to see samples and testimonials.

Wedding Mirror in Kent

It’s not all about smiling…

Wedding Mirror at Hendall Manor Barns

Like anything sometimes it’s down to compromise.  If you can’t afford or can’t justify spending £x on a decent experience that’s going to fulfill your every desire, then what are you will to compromise?  We would suggest that Photo Quality and the associated memories created shouldn’t be on that list.

 Look out for our next Blog where we consider what kind of memories you want to create for you and your guests and what that could mean for you.

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