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Top Tip #2

for choosing the right experience for you.

What else should I consider?

Print Quality

Poor Photo Booth Photo in Kent
Out of focus Photo Booth in Kent

It should really go without saying that when you book a Photo Booth style experience for your wedding reception or perhaps birthday party, that the photos will be of professional quality. 

What do we mean when we say professional quality though?

  • In focus; surely this is given, yet you’ll be surprised how many photos we see posted on social media (like the one above) which are blatently out of focus.
  • Bright & vibrant; DSLR photoboths are much better at capturing colours, so you should always get better photos from these styles of experience such as our Photobooth, Selfie Mirror or Classic Lumia Booth.   Digital Booths using an iPad (or similar) are getting better but are far harder to control and provide photos to equal those from a DSLR booth.
  • Well staged.  We have been asked to set up in many different locations from stately homes with priceless works of art mounted on the wall right down to “that area just outside the toilets!”.   Wherever it is you want to have your photo booth experience set up, you should have confidence that your photo booth supplier is going to make the final photos look AMAZING!
  • The exposure should be set right – so not too dark, and not too light either.   With an enclosed Photobooth this is a lot easier as you almost have studio conditions (constant light etc ), however with any open booths, especially if they are outside this does become more problematic.

Looking at these two photos it’s obvious that the operators running them either didn’t have a clue or more worringly, couldn’t care less!

The top photo is underexposed making it very dark.  It’s an enclosed photobooth so there really isn’t any excuse.  It’s also extremely low resolution which is what causes the pixelation you can see.

The photo to the left (or above if you’re on a mobile!) has a whole host of things that show the operator for what they are….

  • horribly out of focus
  • rope barriers in sight and restricting useage
  • horrible tacky carpet
  • props hung on the rope barrier
  • no thought for how to use the surroundings to their advantage (or put up a backdrop if none available).

Of course, there is one sure fire way of ensuring that you don’t end up like these guys.  One way to prevent you opening up your memory album, the morning after your party and realising that your photobooth company weren’t up to the job.

Book Odyssey.


Just click the link below, check we have availability, and get us booked in before someone else does!! 🙂

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